miðvikudagur, nóvember 02, 2005

Ooohhh i love Goa!!!
It's the best place, so much nicer than Mumbai.
Since last time I have:
Had my first real indian night out
Celebrated Diwali (Hindu christmas)
drove around panjim in the back of a truck playing drums
met loads of nice people from all around the world
got a place to stay at the beach for few days
been chilling at the beach
and today went to a nice market and hiked up to an old portugese fort above vagator with 2 english guys, a policeman and a barman :o) hehe funny compination but good guys.
but my most horrible and fearing experience so far happanede last night. got up to go to the toilet, sat down having a nice sleepy pee and what do you know, there's a humongus, hairy, ugly spider on the floort next to me!!!! it looked like a tarantula!!! uuuuuhhhhhh i jumped up and into bed but couldn't sleep cause kept thinking it was coming after me and was in my hair or crawling on me!!!bbbaaaahhhhh it was horrible but then when i showed it to big brave haukur in the morning he just picked up the bowl it was in and took it out. it wasn't quite as scary as it had seemed in the dark but still disgusting and big.

laugardagur, október 29, 2005

Still in Mumbai and not much happened since yesterday.
Almost stept on a dead rat
got bus tickets for Goa tomorrow night
Biggi is joining us soon
was asked to be in a Bollywood movie :o)hahaha
Haukur wasn't very happy when I said no cause he wants to be in one :o)
and that's about it, sitting in a nice cold internetcafe but screaming crazy kids everywhere!! bbbaaaahhhhhh.....

föstudagur, október 28, 2005

the best plane i've ever been on, 100 movies, shows and games to play.
air india, funniest pane and scariest i've been on
people everywhere
3 lanes on the road turn into 9 cars in a row trying to get passed each other
yes that's mumbai for you
planing on staying today and tomorrow but then heading down the coast to goa

þriðjudagur, október 25, 2005

i'm gonna change this blog a bit now and hope i'll be better at putting something in, it's only gonna be a list of what i'm doing and then when i know how to just a photo blog, but am not sure how to put photos on from a dif comp every time but am going traveling with 2 computer gurus so they should be able to help me out. Anyway better start listblogging.
have been in england for 2 weeks now
met up with lots of people, both who i knew before and new people
some very nice some just ok
been to hull, leeds, london, hull
been to the gym loads both in leeds and hull
specialy in hull though cause it's just next door and there are some very nice people working there
it's back to london tomorrow
gatwick airport is my bed tomorrow
india on thursday
no plan after that

mánudagur, september 12, 2005

vahú i´ve got a plan for the winter now!!!
jebs i´m going to india!!! viihhiii i´m so excited, can´t wait. i´m going with 2 guys from my town, both have a really good camera and one of them has been working as a photographer for few years now so your def gonna see some good photos. they´ve but up a webpage for the trip where you´ll see some good photos from them, and some cool writing from them as well and if you´re lucky some crap from me :o)
going to england mid oct and then meeting up with the boys in london on the 26th, flying out 27th oct and back to england 11th dec. then the plan is to go to tignes or just somewhere in the alps and spend the season.
after all this fun it´s time to grow up and get serious, jebs it´s b talking now, i´m gonna try and get into uni in vancouver and start studying in sept 2006!!! ooohhhh big commitment but i think it´s time, but i feel like a guy that has just been asked to move in with his girlfriend!!!! it´s all happening so fast!!!!
anyway long time till then, for now it´s just relaxing, finish of the fish guts and head out to india :o)
anyone want to join us??? just let me know you´re all welcome.
and if anyone has either been to india or knows shit loads about where to go and what to do there, please let me know and i might get you something nice out there, an elephantbaby or some dirt :o)

miðvikudagur, júlí 20, 2005

i love airports!!! loads of funny people and you can just sit and watch everyone for ages. am at kastrup airport now in denmark waiting for my train that leaves in 2 hours. the festival i was organising has just finished and it was really good. most things run smoothe and people were happy. i tried kite surfing and ohh my god if you haven't tried it then do, it's so much fun!!! i love it, thinking about going somewhere this winter to learn properly how to kite surf, it is the best.
i've been crazy busy last 2 weeks and have loads of funny photos to put on. i'll do it when i get back to iceland, am staying in denmark for a week and then back home doing a new job and just relaxing and prob sobering up for a bit.
what have i been doing??
went camping
drank loads
skinny dipping (have some funny photos and i'll put them in hope helga doesn't mind)
fly in a tiny airplane
play football
do shit loads of outdoor activities at the festival
kite surfing
mountain bonfire
wetsuite football
and now i'm in denmark
will put on some photos when i get back

fimmtudagur, júlí 07, 2005

hellú hellú
haven´t been taken all the photos i was gonna take, or i have been taking shit loads of photos i just haven´t put them on the net yet. am going camping on friday can´t wait, to a cool place not to far from where i live but there are no cars and no electricity, no phones or radio. you have to go by boat or a small plane. it is the coolest place you go hike, make fire, play the guitar and sing and ofcourse sink a few beers!!! a friend of mine is a pilot and he is gonna fly us there on friday, i can´t wait he said he´s gonna let me fly the plane!!! so if you never hear from me again it was nice knowing you and i wish you all the best :o)
but i was posting a blot to ask if anyone is doing something cool this season, or just now, after 2 weeks i´ll have finished the project i´m working on and don´t really have any plans so if anyone is doing cool stuff let my know and i´ll come and join you.
will let you know if i´m still breathing after the weekend and promise will put some photos on from this amasing place i´m going to.


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